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To become a vendor or sponsor, please use the contact information below:

Sponsors/Vendor Information

A GREAT way to promote your business. Switch-A-Roos sponsor opportunities are designed to provide sponsors with an excellent way to promote their mom and child-related services and/or products. Several levels of sponsorships are available to meet the needs of your business. Switch-A-Roos advertising campaign includes corporate partnerships, radio advertising, billboards, Upstate Parent, Greenville News and flyer distribution to schools, daycares, and child related businesses.

Level 1 --- Switch-A-Roos - SWEET SACS

Switch-A-Roos will provide "SWEET SACS" (goodie bags) to 500 consignors, volunteers, shoppers and first time moms. Your coupons or promotional items will be included in this easy and direct marketing tool. Our moms always look forward to the goodies, special deals and coupons from your businesses.

Cost $75
*Businesses must supply 500 coupons/promotional
items to Switch-A-Roos 10 days before the sale starts.
*All items must be approved.

Level 2 --- Switch-A-Roos - WEB PARTNERS

Let Switch-A-Roos' website connect your business to thousands of shoppers from all over the upstate. *Your business logo will appear on the Switch-A-Roos website with a hyper-link to your business website.

Cost $100
*6 month agreement

Level 3 --- Switch-A-Roos - "PLAY HOUSE" Sponsor

This level of sponsorship includes participation in the following:

  • Switch-A-Roos - SWEET SACS
  • Switch-A-Roos - Web Partner
  • 2 Pre-Sale passes
Cost $150
*6 month agreement

Level 4 --- Switch-A-Roos - "CLUB HOUSE" Sponsor

This level of sponsorship includes participation in the following:

  • Switch-A-Roos - SWEET SACS
  • Switch-A-Roos - Web Partner
  • Business logo on all printed brochures and flyers
  • Business logo on home page of Switch-A-Roos web site
  • Business logo on Switch-A-Roos signs and Upstate Parent ads
  • Business Banner displayed during sale
  • 6 Pre-Sale passes
Cost $300 *6month agreement
  or $500
*12 month agreement


Switch-A-Roos offers an excellent opportunity for you to promote your business and/or products. Becoming a vendor is a great way for you to increase your cliental and or get your name out to the public.

Cost $100 - All 4 or 5 days of sale OR $30 a day
*Additional Special Offers for VENDORS
*Switch-A-Roos - SWEET SACS - $35
*Hyper-link to your website - $25

"Vendor Special"
Participate in all three -
4 day show, SWEET SACS and Web Link $150

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