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Entering Items Tutorial


For those of you that are new to Switcharoos or even those that have been around for several years I hope this is helpful. Our time is valuable and it is always nice to find shortcuts to help us accomplish more in a shorter period of time. Entering your items on the website is one of those things that takes a little time and while it’s enjoyable who doesn’t want to get more done faster?

So here’s a tutorial on how to enter your items while you’re preparing for the upcoming sale – hopefully this will help everyone out at least a little bit. If you have found shortcuts along the way through the years please feel free to comment on this post or even post on facebook. I love to hear things that others have learned that maybe I haven’t thought of but could help everyone out.

We’ll start from the beginning for those of you that are new.

First go to our main website page –¬† Once you’re there look on the left hand side of the main page and click on Enter Items – go to whichever sale you are participating in and click either Greenville or Spartanburg.

After that you will be taken to the page where you as a consignor will log in. Enter your consignor id # and password and click on Submit.

Once you do this you will be taken to your specific consignor page. This page will have all of the batches that you have entered in previous years. Click on Start a Fresh Batch or if you already have one in process click on the batch number. This will take you to the page where you will enter your items.

Once on the page to enter all of your items you will see a series of drop down menus that will help you to best describe your item. Now here comes a tidbit – if you click on the arrow the drop down menu will appear – you can either scroll through the menu to find the choice that you want OR you can type in the first letter of what you are looking for. Everything will that letter will come to the top of the menu and you can choose from these. You can also continue to enter the second and third letter if needed and your choice will show up in the menu. For exampe: if you’re entering Children’s Place you could start by enter CHIL and chidren’s place would most likely be the first thing hi lighted – you could then press TAB and it would automatically accept your choice and move to the next column. Make sense?

You can also press tab each time to move to the next colomn of descriptions. You don’t have to continuously use your mouse to move from selection to selection. Now remember you can only enter 3 descriptions so make sure you choose what is going to best describe your item.

After you enter your description you will go down to size, price and whether or not it’s okay to include your item in the half off sale on Sunday. You can also use the TAB button on these selections and the shortcut described above to help you move through these a little quicker. After these are completed you can click ADD THIS ITEM and your item will be added to the list.

You can break whenever you like even if you’re not through with your batch by clicking SAVE FOR LATER. Once this is done you can come back and work on your batch whenever is convenient for you. If you’re totally finished then click on TOTALLY FINISHED and you will be directed to the page where you choose your donation choice. We are proud to say that at the end of the sale all donated items will go to Little Steps Charity or other organizations that may be in need.

Once your items are entered and submitted your barcodes will be mailed to you within a week. Please remember that in order to have your barcodes mailed to your home you must have all items entered in our system by July 26th at 10:00 pm. After that you may continue to enter your items but you will have to pick your barcodes up at drop off and tag your items at that time.

Now – let’s get to entering ūüôā

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It’s Dad’s Day


With Father’s Day coming up what better time is there to get into our craft stash and make something handmade for Dad. There is nothing as parents that we love more and cherish longer than pieces of art made by our children’s hands.

What do you do to celebrate Father’s Day in your house? Do you travel to see grandparents or enjoy the day at home with your own family?

I love the blog¬†Mile High Mamas ¬†for some creative Father’s Day craft ideas. My favorite is the mug – I might have to try that one out very soon.

    I always cherish anything that my kids fingerprints on it. You can also go to and pick up some great ideas Рthey have some fun cards and craft ideas also.

Whatever you choose to do make sure you take a few minutes out of your day to show the dad in your family’s life how much he means to you.

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Summertime – Water Time


I’m a huge advocate for water safety and it is largely because I’ve come all to close to losing a child to the water. 2 years ago this summer we were at a baseball pool party and my then 2 year old had a near drowning in the pool. He had been wearing a life jacket all night long and wasn’t brave enough to go anywhere near the water. As we were packing things up to leave we took his life jacket off and at some point took our eyes off the pool while getting other things ready. Only the Lord knows how many moments passed by because the next thing we knew he was being pulled out of the pool by another parent attending the party. Pale,blue and lethargic was our baby boy. There was clearly an angel there at that time and after a hospital stay and lots of praying we were able to bring our boy back home healthy and safe. For many others that’s not the case. With summer just beginning and many pool,lake and ocean days yet to come I’ve heard of several drowning cases in our community. It’s sad and heartbreaking that this is happening and it’s not just children – adults too. I thought for our first Switcharoos blog post we could focus on water safety.

From the website  I found some wonderful tips and games for the whole family to us how to enjoy the summer and stay safe at the same time.

There’s are games,songs and even a coloring book¬†that you can do with your children. It helps them to be aware of hazards and things they should watch out for when in or near the water. They’re bound to have a good time playing a game while learning at the same time about something that just might save their life.

Have fun this summer – build relationships and make memories – but let’s do all of that while staying safe.