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Consigning Toys


Aside from my kids clothing, toys are one of my favorite things to consign. I find myself on a¬†regular basis going through toys and putting things away that they haven’t played with in FOREVER for the consignment sale. Here’s a few tidbits on how to successfully consign your toys.

First make sure they work correctly ūüôā Who wants to buy a toy that doesn’t work? Look them over and remember to always have working batteries in the toy so that whoever is looking at purchasing the toy can be assured that they are making a good investment. After I look over them I start cleaning and touching them up. The two cleaning supplies I find myself using over and over again are Clorox wipes and the Magic Eraser. These are miracle workers! I make sure to go over each toy and wipe it down along with concentrating on any spots that might need to be worked on.

After this I go to packaging them up. Always put any small or loose pieces in a Ziploc bag to ensure that they won’t get lost(in this case our airplane set has a ton of little pieces). I even tape my Ziploc shut just to be safe.

Throughout the year when I purchase things that come in large bags I always put those in the closet along with my hangers that I collect for consignment time. This was a bag that I got one of the kids comforters in and it was perfect for this airplane set.

You can also zip tie the pieces together if you don’t have a bag to ensure that they are not lost in transit or the shuffle of the sale. When you’re doing your barcodes you can even put on the back of the index card or another sheet of paper attached to the bag that it’s a multi piece set if you’d like.

It takes a little time but the cleaner and more presentable the toys are then the better they are going to sell. As always if you have any tidbits or advice please visit our Facebook page or comment on our blog so we can all share.

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Consignor Tidbits


Happy 4th Everyone!

I thought we could post some weekly tidbits of info from our facebook page here on the blog. Every Friday I will start the conversation for you all to send in your little secrets to consigning. I know that we all do the process a little differently and we probably all have at least a couple of ways that work for us to help make the consigning experience a little easier. You all can send us a message via our facebook page and then on Mondays I’ll post all the secrets on our blog. We can try this until the sale rolls around and see what everyone thinks.

Kelley  says :  

After tagging all your items sort them by size and then rubberband the hangers together. Attach an index card to the rubberband with the size (and gender if needed) written on it. This made drop off so much easier and quicker and took minimal time to do at home. It also ensured my sizes didn’t get mixed up in transport since the rubberband held all the hangers together. For sizes I had more hangers than would fit in a rubberband I divided the size into two stacks and rubberbanded them seperately.
Lori  says :  
If you have clothes you want to sell but they have “water marks” or grease stains on them, don’t despair! Try rubbing some Dawn dish detergent on it before you wash it. I have used Dawn on these types of stains for years and have been able… to save so many clothes that would have otherwise been ruined. It even works on set in stains. I know that I hate it when I am unable to sell something because of a stain, so I thought I would pass on this tidbit of information. Hope it helps!
Lora says : 
¬†I pin,hang and tag to a movie/movies I haven’t seen, it makes it not feel like another chore to get done.
Hope everyone was able to get an idea out of this that they maybe haven’t previously tried or thought of yet. Remember to leave your little secrets on Facebook this coming Friday so I can include it in our next post.